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50 There remains to be written a comprehensive account of Augustus's legislation and social programmes; most of the standard biographies contain pertinent chapters or sections of chapters (e.g., Jones, 131-43; Southern, 146-52). In 2 BC her indiscretions were brought to Augustus's attention and, enraged, he banished her to the island of Pandateria. Each event had its precedent; it was their combination that was significant. Furthermore, none of his cardinal powers were conferred for life but, rather, for fixed periods of five or (later) ten years. Tiberius, who was en route to Illyricum, hurried to the scene and, depending on the source, arrived too late or spent a day in consultation with the dying princeps. For the Cyrenaica decrees, see below. Octavian, not in the city at the time, soon entered with an armed escort, convened the senate, and denounced Antony.

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For, in the Augustan system, an imperial princess who had been married to no less than three indicated favorites (Marcellus, Agrippa, and Tiberius ) and who then brought outsiders into her bed was also bringing them into the heart of the dynasty. The Triumvirate I: Early Challenges, 43-36 BC Shortly after Mutina, Octavian had begun showing signs of seeking a reconciliation with Antony; now, he acted resolutely. Kenney, 1982 for a concise overview, see Galinsky, 225-87. Cremutius Cordus, charged with maiestas under Tiberius in AD 25 for praising Brutus and Cassius in his history). Refusal of the pontificate: App. Meghan and Harry are believed to have carried on their trans-Atlantic love affair for several months after Harry bombarded her with texts. Imperium proconsulare is more likely to have been granted for ten years than imperium consulare, which Octavian already held by virtue of his consulship: or was it expected he would be consul every year for the following ten years? Octavian had Caesarion and Antony's eldest son (Antyllus) executed, and he annexed Egypt as a province of Rome, ending the Ptolemaic period of that country's history. bang with friend app basel

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