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Saturday, 10 December 2016




KWN - The Decline In Gold Has Gotten Extreme - What Happens Next

Lance Roberts - Weekend Reading: The Trump Train Continues To Roll

Adam Hamilton - Gold-Futures Selling Exhausting

Morris Hubbartt - Signs Of Inflation: Silver Leads Gold Price

Egon von Greyerz - As Europe's Financial System Fails...Gold Wil Rise

Jim Willie - Cracks In The Bond Market

Frank Holmes - Here's What Oil Did The last Time OPEC Cut Production  

SRSRocco - Investors Push Gold Eagle Sales To Record High 

Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt And The Market

Koos Jansen - Q1 - Q3 2016 China Net Gold Imports Hits 905 Tonnes



Jim Sinclair - Financial Pressure Cooker Bomb Cooking Now

Catherine Austin-Fitts - 2017 Destruction Of The Old & Creation Of The New

David Morgan - Big Thrust Into Precious Metals In Trump's First Term

Mike Maloney - Decoding The Future For Stocks, Real Estate, Gold & Silver 

Gerald Celente - 2017 Predictions: MSM Gone And Financial Market Panic Coming

Rob Kirby - Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons Of Paper Gold Dumped On Market

Clif High - Dow & Gold $125,000: Hyperinflation Coming

Peter Schiff - Making America Great Again Will Be Much Harder Than Voters Think

Jim Rickards - Huge Inflation Coming With Coming Economic Meltdown   Part 2 

Bill Holter - Between Now & Election Extremely Dangerous