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Monday, 22 August 2016




David Stockman - Bubbles In Bond Land: A Central Bank Made Mania

SRSRocco - Gold Will Explode In Value Well Beyond What  J.R. Forecasts

Frank Holmes - These Gold Royalty Compagnies Are Insanely Attractive

Morris Hubbartt - Junior Gold Stocks: Relentless Leadership

Andrew Hoffman - The Ugliest Economic Data I've Ever Seen 

Lance Roberts - Liquidity Trapped! The Fed's Policy Nightmare

Koos Jansen - Spectacular Chinese Gold Demand 2015

KWN - Money Is Now Pouring Into Gold & Silver Mining Stocks

Adam Hamilton - Fueling Gold Stocks Next Upleg

Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt And The SPX



Craig Hemke - All Markets Are Broken

Peter Schiff - The Fed Goes All-In On Stimulus

Bill Murphy - Silver Going To Move Up Faster Than Anybody Can Imagine

Bill Holter - World Facing Very, Very Dangerous Time 

Gregory Mannarino - We Are Existing In Fantasy Land

Catherine Austin Fitts - The Debt Game Is Over

Gerald Celente - Panic Of 2016 At The Doorstep

Jim Rickards And Egon Von Greyerz Discuss $10,000 Gold

Bo Polny - Poverty, Hunger, Joblessness, Anger And Then War

Andy Hoffman - Cartel Cannot Stop Gold & Silver Bull Market