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Friday, 23 September 2016




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Adam Hamilton - Gold Unleashed By Fed

Lance Roberts - 3 Things: The Fed's Missed Window & Failed Realizations 

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Telegraph - ECB's Mario Draghi Has Run Out Of Magic As Deflation Closes In

Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt And The SPX 



David Stockman - Gold Prices Will Soar When Central Banks Fail

Michael Pento - Gold Goes To All-time Highs If Fed Admits It Cannot Raise Rates

Chris Martenson - Fed Afraid Of Most Damaging Bubbles Ever

John Rubino - Negative Rates Phenomenally Good For Gold And Silver

Gerald Celente - Predicts Trump Wins White House

Craig Hemke - All Markets Are Broken

Peter Schiff - The Fed Goes All-In On Stimulus

Bill Holter - World Facing Very, Very Dangerous Time 

Catherine Austin Fitts - The Debt Game Is Over

Jim Rickards And Egon Von Greyerz Discuss $10,000 Gold